My happiness tricks

My happiness tricks



I came across an article today  on “ Happiness Hack’s’  and I felt I would be remiss if I did not add mine –

Having suffered with depression and stagnation at various times in my life  I not only appreciate the good times but I use the below to try and create a positive mood every day.

Depression, stagnation and negative moods are often a sign that we need to change things in our life. I believe that when we are operating out of fear, unexpressed feeling or emotions-

we can easily slip into darkness. Be brave, be bold and jump into change if needed. Here are some of my favorite tips

1. Sing & listen to music- I try and blast the music a few times a day and sing or chant. I listen to music almost all day and different types depending on what I am doing, working on or the mood I want to create.

Music really lifts your mood and that's one of the things Jonathan Burdette, M.D., has found in researching music's effects on the brain.

"Music is primal. ... The researchers also found that listening to favorite songs altered the connectivity between auditory brain areas & a region responsible for memory and social emotion

Consolidation.   I am loving the POWER MUSIC APP  for variety and of course Napster and I tunes Music for Customizing my playlists.

See more benefits here :


2. Smile _ always a good reminder - Each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness. ... The feel good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are all released when a smile flashes across your face as well


3. Supplement _ Well I could write a whole new book on this as I take probably 25 vitamins and supplements  a day .  and they do make me feel better !


4. Move your body - Regular aerobic exercise can reduce anxiety by making your brain’s “fight or flight” system less reactive. When anxious people are exposed to physiological changes they fear, such as a rapid heartbeat, through regular aerobic exercise, they can develop a tolerance for such symptoms.

Regular exercise such as cycling or gym-based aerobic, resistance, flexibility, and balance exercises can also reduce depressive symptoms. Exercise can be as effective as medication and psychotherapies. Regular exercise may boost mood by increasing a brain protein called BDNF that helps nerve fibers grow.  HARVARD MEDICA REVIEW


Please return in a few days for Part Two –Beth’s  Happiness Hacks


A good supplement to this list ..




FOR LADIES ONLY - How to Fight PMS and WIN!

FOR LADIES ONLY - How to Fight PMS and WIN!

PMDD signs and symptoms include depression, mood swings, anger, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, difficulty concentrating, irritability and tension. PMS can wreak havoc on your life, your body and your relationships.

By implementing some conscious changes, you will feel and act better.

Why you should be doing Yoga

Why you should be doing Yoga

It's no secret that Yoga practice and it’s breathing, holding poses, flowing vinyasas, mediation, imagery and focus have been proven to:

-make you feel more in control

-increase feelings of positive mood

...and much more.

15 Questions for a Yogi

15 Questions for a Yogi

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What was your first experience with yoga?

The 7 Steps to Becoming YogaLean

The 7 Steps to Becoming YogaLean

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7 steps to becoming YogaLean.

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Before Summer

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Before Summer

Happy Summer

While its important to hit the gym, tae up a new running program and make countless other fitness resolutions there are things you can incorporate into your daily eating regime that will help you knock off and keep off those extra pounds.

Certain foods slow us down and making us groggy and tired like sugar, refined carbohydrates, wheat if we are gluten intolerant, alcohol all – these slow our metabolism. There are foods and  drinks that will boost your metabolism naturally.  So, along with your workout program you can boost your metabolism now with a few easy tips.

My Adventures in Cryotherapy

My Adventures in Cryotherapy

It all started last Summer when one of my more fun loving and adventurous best friends came to visit me on Eastern Long Island ...

We wanted to do some things that were “different,“ and freezing ourselves in a cylindrical tube seemed like it fit right into that category. Being naked in an ice-cold chamber sounded appealing.

I heard so many good things about cryo – from anti-aging to mood boosts to pain relieve and improved athletic performance. Cryo is touted to heal injuries, speed metabolism and improve circulation.

With all these benefits we could not wait to get started!