I have a theory, largely based on my own personal experience. Many people think that Summer is a great time to lose weight. I have found quite the opposite. Yes it’s hot, yes we may eat lighter. However Summer is the time of socializing. I like to call Summer the OTHER HOLIDAY SEASON.  Summer is a time of socializing – wine, beach coolers and barbecues.

It’s easy to blame the winter holidays and comfort foods for winter weight gain. But summer foods and alcohol can easily do the same.

Alcoholic beverages, salty snacks and salads with fatty dressings can contribute to extra poundage.

To stay in shape or even lose weight during the warm season, follow these simple guidelines:

•  Try and limit your alcohol consumption to the weekends

•  Cut the carbs at the barbecue - eat the protein not the bun

•  Start your day with Summer fruit and some protein powder

•  Make lunch your biggest meal

•  Ramp up your outdoor fun exercising – swimming, biking, paddling,

running, hiking, and nature walks

•  Give yourself one “ cheat” day a week

•  Increase your cardio

•  Stay hydrated

Here is some good news:  Insulin levels are highest in the late Fall and early winter. This may explain the annual patterns of weight fluctuation in humans as well. Some people tend to be heavier in fall and winter and lighter in the spring and summer, which are commonly attributed to increased physical activity supposedly accompanying the coming of bathing-suit season. When researchers have measured seasonal variations in insulin levels in humans, they have invariably reported that insulin is highest in late fall and early winter (twice as high in a 1984 study) and lowest in late spring and early summer.

Here is a great article on insulin https://www.muscleforlife.com/how-insulin-works/

More good news: lipoprotein-lipase activity in fat tissue elevates in late fall and decreases in spring and summer; its activity in skeletal muscle follows an opposite pattern. This would stimulate weight loss in the spring and weight gain in the fall, whether we consciously desire either or not, and would certainly make it easier to lose weight in the spring and gain it in the fall.

Stay cool, drink water and happy Summer!



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