Day One Recap: India

Day One :

Delhi – It’s my first time touring around Delhi and I understand there is a lot to see. After a brief workout to get the blood moving after our almost 24 hour journey, my traveling companion and I head out to the Imperial Hotel. It seems like a great place to start. After a beautiful lunch of my favorite Indian dish – Dal ( a lentil puree with cardamon, clove and spices ) we grab a “ Tut Tut” a little vehicle that’s a type ofcart on a motorcycle ad head to the the bazar. I’m in the market for a new meditation scarf ( pashmina ) as the one I bought in 2011 literally has holes in it. I suppose dry cleaning was not a good idea – note Hand Wash cold water. We end up spending a few hours combing through scarves and each leaving with more than one. I quickly glance at my watch as they try to usher us from room to room - “ Talk to my friend who sells beautiful art “ says one of our four sales persons who has fedus copious cups of Chai Masala. Its 5:30 and the temple closes its doors at 6pm. We existto find our Tut Tut driver waiting and take very wild ride through rush hour traffic to get to the Darkashan Temple.   At the temple which is a beautifully lit gold against a sooty indigo sky, they confiscate things not allowed in the temple – cell phones, iPhones, anda book I bought on Ghengis Kahn ( no storybooks they said ).   Inside is the most beautiful templeI I have ever seen, the temple isjust stunning – marble floors, detailed deitiesadorn each pillar and the focal point is a giant gold buddha perched on a light green marble platform with gem stones of blue behind it – I want to take a photo of it but alas — no cameras allowed !    We stay for the outside light show — lights water,  music and more colorful deities shine against a far away stone wall. At a certain point it gets a little cartoonish and we decide to flee the grounds before the thousand people that are outside watching the show leave. After several negotiations with anif Tut Tut drivers we settle on on for $500 rupees that seems to know where our hotel is and we are off again into the traffic. After a few wrong turns we arrive and he asked for 700 rupees. In India,the price is never really the price.
It’s all part of the trip.

Beth Shaw