Get Summer Ready with My Killer Ab Workout

Here's the rundown. Bookmark, print, or add this blog post to your favorites, this is my quick and easy way to get ready for summertime.

45 minutes

1. Ab hi chair

  • Lifting legs over pilon
  • Four sets of 10
  • Five in each direction

2. Lying down on the bench with weight overhead extending legs extending arms and bringing knees and elbows in together

  • Using 15 pound weight
  • Four sets of 10

3. Lifting from the hips three sets of 10

4. Seated rotation 15 pound weight working obliques

5. Roman chair both directions

  • 3 sets of 12

6 .Pull-ins with weighted cables

  • Row with leg extension

7. Landmine 25 pound weights

  • Two sets of 10

8. Seated row with oblique twist

9. Lifting legs