2018 seems to have flown by. Personally this past year has been one of great change and empowerment. I went back to school and stepped into a higher purpose with YogaFit. For many years, my focus has been on spiritual development. This year I focused professional development and education. Education is something that no one can take away from you. The confidence gained from educational process sometimes becomes more significant than the content of the learning itself.  I am a huge fan of in-person learning, like we offer at YogaFit. I find the interpersonal human connections and shared experience so very valuable. It also offers growth on every level physically, spiritually, intellectually, professionally and energetically. Now is a great time to set your intentions for the New Year.I would love to plant education in your ear, as a possible goal. How will you invest in yourself. Feel free to use the enclosed chart to help set your goal and chart your success for 2019. In a world that may seem out of control, giving to yourself as well as giving back to others can give you a sense of control and self mastery. Please reach out to me via bethshaw.com, Instagram or Facebook and let me know your plans. Have a safe and healthy Holiday season. Hope to see you in person. Feel free to check out some of my upcoming events. Starting in January I will be contributing to Arianna Huffington's platform Thrive Global. I would love for you to follow me there.