Like most of you, I am constantly challenged for time. I live six blocks from my gym and sometimes get into the mindset that if I only have 30 minutes to work out- it’s not worth it. Then I make myself go and it’s always worth the effort.  Last Friday I squeezed in a half hour and did this amazing upper body workout – my focus was on the smaller muscles that need development that don’t always get the attention that they need- in particular – rear delts and the muscles of the back.

I try and always do 4 sets because it takes one set just to determine what the correct weight you are lifting needs to be . I like to “ pyramid “ my weights. One set as a warm up then I go up a plate, size or weight- do sets there and then when your muscles are fatigued do the weight you warmed up with or one weight or plate lighter if need be. I always try and do 12-15 reps.

I decided to start small (rear delts and hit those small muscles at the start, before I get tired ) then I do things I don’t like doing –

like assisted dips ( triceps ) assisted pull ups ( shoulders & lats ) wide and narrow. Then I get to the things I like more – triceps pull downs, overhead tricep pulls and seated rows. Then I finish with what I really enjoy and comes easy to me .. biceps- heavy and hard to keep the pump ( since I don’t do this as often as I could….


Seated rear delts, 4 sets of 10 - 15, varied weights

Assisted dip & Hanging pull ups machine three sets of each times three exercises

Lat pulldowns, 4 sets of 10 - 15, varied weights

Tricep extensions pull down and overhead extensions three sets of each.

Seated cable rows
4 sets of 10 to 12, varied weights

Triceps dips off bench, 3 sets of 10 to 12

Bicep curls with shoulder press three sets 15 pound weights and then 12 pound weights
Bicep curls:
17 pounds
15 pounds
12 pounds
10 pounds
As much as you can with each lb.