While its important to hit the gym, tae up a new running program and make countless other fitness resolutions there are things you can incorporate into your daily eating regime that will help you knock off and keep off those extra pounds.

Certain foods slow us down and making us groggy and tired like sugar, refined carbohydrates, wheat if we are gluten intolerant, alcohol all – these slow our metabolism. There are foods and  drinks that will boost your metabolism naturally.  So, along with your workout program you can boost your metabolism now with a few easy tips.

  1. Eat small frequent meals. Eating every three to four hours and including a small protein snack will keep the fires of your metabolism stoked and burning.  I like  to have an apple and some almonds in between meals or a small bit of protein powder with a half a banana. A bit of a hard cheese and a few carrots are also great snacks
  2. Take your meal portions to half. If you eat two or three meals a day please consider taking them to half the size your normally would. In thirty days you can train your stomach to want less and be satisfied with less.
  3. Add Hot Peppers – like Cayenne, Jalepenos, and Serrano - to fire up your metabolic system. They will also make your fodo a lot tastier and you will naturally eat less as a result as you are not overeating to seek taste and pleasure. Enhancing flavor is a great way for your to get the most out of your meal. If your portions are small you want to make sure that you are getting maximum flavor. A small tasty bite is a lot more enjoyable that mounds of food that lacks in taste and palate excitement
  4. Drink more more Green Tea. Green Tea is unique in that it has the amino acid  Theanine to balance out the caffeine and enhance mood. Theanine is provides a relaxing and tranquilizing.  Drinking green tea throughout the day will keep you happy and energized
  5. Add small doses of Coffee, Caffeine and Matcha- they all increase metabolism.  Be moderate - overdoing certain stimulants like caffeine laden energy drinks and too much coffee will burn out our adrenal glands.