I like to consider myself a healthy person. That being said, last year I was “ sick “ for more than I’d like to admit. I went to urgent care once after I got back from John of God in Brazil, to the hospital twice during the summer due to a tick bite, and I had a pretty horrendous respiratory problem after I got back from Asia last fall. This year I am committed to staying healthy and illness free. Being committed to one’s health is truly a daily practice. It starts with INTENTION, then needs to be followed by ACTION, and the result is good health.

Here is my daily routine – perhaps you will find things to incorporate into your program as well.

1. Start your morning with with a cup of warm water and lemon (great for digestion and hydration). Switch it up with apple cider vinegar for another variation to this morning cup.

2. Take probiotic daily to keep your intestines health and full of good bacteria.

3. Ramp up on your Vitamin C,  Vitamin D and Zinc intake . All are excellent for immunity

4. Make sure your nutrition is fully packed with nutrients. Keep frozen bananas in the freezer (that’s why they are frozen). Take ½ frozen banana, and add 6 oz of coconut or almond milk, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 tablespoon of flax oil, a scoop of hemp seeds, and put the blender on high. You have the option to add some peanut or almond butter. This is the perfect pre or post workout meal and great fortification for winter days .

5. Ayurvedic herbs are great for immunity -  Amla is a great source of vitamin C and rebuilds muscle. Ashwagandha is a great nerve tonic and, shilajit  builds strength and stamina.

6. Add some extra fat to your coffee - my coffee which is mostly decaf so I don’t get those nasty insulin spikes , which by the way create a false hunger when the blood sugar levels plunge.  Add some coconut oil,  ghee other days some cayenne pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon- all of which have ayurvedic benefits.

7. Double up on your soup intake- Make this yummy immunity soup recipe from YogaLean.

Intention, action and proper care of yourself will ward off sickness and help you beat the flu this winter.