Summer seemed to fly by this year. This morning on my walk, I noticed that the leaves are starting to look both hot and tired, as the descend towards fall begins. Perhaps this summer gave you the opportunity to be more active, to work on your body, to try new fitness programs. Or... perhaps you spent too much time drinking wine, eating barbeque and travelling. My summer was compromised by a tick bite that left me less than active for over three weeks, trying to frequently socialize (wine) amist a lot of work related travel, and generally working a lot more than I planned (sitting).

The good news about the weather getting cooler is that outdoor exercise is more pleasant and available. Think of running, walking or cycling on crisp fall days; starting your day with hot yoga; ending it with a restorative class. Back to school involves structure and we can add that structure to our fitness program. Personally, I crave structure. I find when I have less time, I make MORE structured time for regular exercise. In May, I was at Harvard for a week. Our day started at 7:30 am and I made sure most mornings I was at the gym when it opened at 6 am. In September, I will be returning for three weeks, and I am already anxious about sticking to my fitness program. When I don’t do some form of activity daily, I start to obsess about it and just generally don’t feel complete.

With children back in school, fall is a also a wonderful time for you to think about your own education. Perhaps it’s something as simple as learning a new activity or taking a specialty training like one of YogaFit's new offerings. Improving ourselves on multiple levels is always possibly even if in small measure. I think fall is a great time to ramp up your cardio in both time and intensity. As we move towards winter that focus can turn more towards indoor activities like hot yoga and weight training.

There are few better ways to celebrate your “All Year Round Body” than exercise and movement – any type of movement. What a wonderful opportunity to retool your current program for the cooler weather. Fall into your best fitness routine ever this year.

The YogaLean book also offers some great fall recipes like Butternut Squash Soup and Winter Salads, as your dietary needs change will change with the weather. Please reach out if you need some new ideas.