When we give the gift of yoga everyone benefits : Watching someone’s face light up when you have helped them in some way is one of the most joyful gifts you can receive. If you have been blessed with the gift of health, giving back can feel like the best thing you could possibly do.

Karmic Yoga is the foundation of YogaFit – Since 1997 we have inspired over 2 Million hours of community service work – YogaFit Trainees have donated their time to spread the love of yoga to those who may not have the opportunity to receive it.

The benefits of engaging in community service are two fold. As a new Yogafit teacher, you get to hone your skills and in the spirit of yoga, you are giving back in a beautiful and meaning way. As Master Vivikanada stated when he brought yoga to the the US in 1893   “ Karma yoga “ is the most meaningful yoga that everyone can practice. Community service, giving back and karma yoga is the cornerstone of YogaFit. Since 1997 every YogaFit Level One student has been required to complete 8 hours of Community service teaching yoga to a group of people who would not otherwise have to opportunity to experience the gift of yoga

We know you will find your community service work to be a transformational experience. For many students it has lead to their first paid teaching job.

You might have heard people talk about those who are ‘Karmic Yogis’. This is when they have chosen a path/job that embraces selfless acts of giving or endless acts of service to others.Let’s break down the two words to start with.  

Karma has the root verb “Kri” from Sanskirt meaning ‘act’ of law of causation.

Yoga means ‘dexterity of work’ or ‘union of self with supreme self’.

If you put the words together  Karma Yoga means ‘discipline of action’.

We are only tiny being on this big planet, but by making small differences in others’ lives, we make big strides to achieving a happier world.

Here are some places to do your community service. Volunteer to teach at your local :

Animal shelter

Workers at homeless shelter

Underprivileged children

Retirement center.


First responders

Battered women shelter


Corporations Rotary Club

Community Centers

Senior Citizen Centers

12 step programs

Local charities

We all carry a higher purpose in life that is beyond us. The trick is to find and connect the place that resonates in your heart. Once you do, you will feel renewed happiness, that will guide in life.

Here are a few tips on how to find practices that will bring you joy.

Practice meditation. Use introspection during mediation to listen to your inner voice.Understand the difference between a thought and an insight. We have close to 60,000 thoughts a day, but don’t worry–an insight will stand out because it will have resonance. Ask yourself this: What in this world touches your heart? Is it animals, children, the elderly, veterans, homeless, people with HIV or cancer? Pray to the universe to send you signs and synchronicities. Keep a dream journal. Often, dreams can provide powerful insights and answers. Listen for messages from the universe. Look for ‘signs’ throughout your day. They may come from other people when you least expect.