Well, the news came through tonight, first from a friend ( because I try and limit my news intake ) … and then I - turned on the news.
April 30th!
I immediately went into a state of anxiety and then I put on SadhGuru’s Dealing with Difficult Emotional Times off of YouTube and I relaxed. For a minute.
Let's see - how many things are triggering us that lie within ourselves?
For me, it’s my ADD/ OCD Combo, my body dysmorphia ( fear of getting out of shape) and the knowledge that my life as it is today, is pretty much how it's going to be for another 30 days. I’m used to being busy, traveling, meetings, presenting, school … and now none of that which means my perfectionism and my addiction to accomplishing things could have the ability to drive me mad. Fortunately, I will not and I expect to “ come out of this thing stronger and more emotionally equipped than ever before. I suppose I was lucky to have the month of January where I turned off my TV, gave up adult beverages ( except for that Karaoke party ) and binged on inspirational YouTube items.

Some helpful insights that may get you to a deeper place within yourself.

1. Be gentle with yourself - you are simply not going to be as productive as you might like to be now and that's ok
2. Set the stage for your morning the night before- clean the dishes, put away your clothes, plan your morning in a few bullet points
3. Have realistic expectations - of yourself and others
4. Consider giving up eating dinner - Not only will you save money but you will see weight loss happen naturally. I have done this naturally and my scale reports a 7 lb loss in 11 days. I only hope its not all muscle I lost.
5. Use the HouseParty app to bound with your friends and family - This is a great time to connect with those who you cherish and love, I have friends all around the world and this app is a lifesaver
6. Take walks outside every day - the more the better and practice yoga breathing techniques while away from others.
7. Take a hard look at any addictive tendencies and use this time to break them. Yes, these include thought addictive patterns. Many will come off of this time with addiction problems- don’t be one of them
8. Make amends with anyone you had challenges with, or make the choice to discard certain friendships .. one finds out who their friends are during these times. It's a great time to notice who your inner circle is vs out.

My hope is to be a support to you during this time, let's help each other all learn and grow and recognize what truly matters to us. Individually and collectively. Please message me on my website if I can be of assistance to coaching you.