My trip to Thailand concluded two weeks ago, I stopped In LA and YogaFit’s Vegas office on my way home to New York.  So I’ve been home for a week. As much as I like to think I’ve got everything wrapped up before I leave for a long trip, I come home to a very intense catch-up. We hear a lot about “ work-life balance”  I feel that if we are engaged in meaningful work that aligns with our heart and soul, there becomes a blur of both. Personally, I am committed to being my best self, that quest inspires me to try and better myself on every level. Fortunately what I do for “ work “ forces and compels me to stay on a path.  In reality should be no difference in “ work and life” because it’s all LIFE – and it’s all about how you chose how to live it. Most things in life end up as a choice, and those choices are cumulative. The good news is that with our next choice, we can turn it around- choice by choice.  What we eat at the moment, do with our bodies, say to ourselves and chose to engage with are choices we can control with the next one.

Back to Bangkok - I had many previous opportunities to go to Thailand to present at this show, I declined them and sent other people.  After visiting this beautiful country, I only wish I had embarked on that path sooner. The people were so gracious, so sweet. The food was healthy, clean ( no-  I did not eat “street food”  )  and vegetarian options were abundant. The fitness trade show was so wonderful, full of eager and nice fitness enthusiasts and teachers. I look forward to my return trip and plan to bring a small group – October 2019 – who wants to join me?