I have been conspicuously absent from my blog for a while now. Not that I don’t have a lot to say, on many subjects. But I have been knee deep in writing my new book “ Healing Trauma with Yoga”  A project that has not only consumed a lot of my time but also forced me to deal with some of my own issues around my own personal life experience and trauma as well. Not to mention my struggles with writer’s block and procrastination. I have even gone so far as to cover my TV with a sheet in order to avoid distractions. Unfortunately, my distractions also include a massive travel schedule, work, working out, compulsive organizing ( OCD) and a tendency towards” hyper socializing” as one friend put it.

On a darker side, my distractions involve bad reality TV and even worse Amazon Prime movies- hence the covered screen. We all have ways that we distract ourselves, some healthier than others. Even with awareness, we can still participate in the behavior.

Here are 20 ways I get unstuck

  • Mantras played off YouTube going constantly in the background at my home
  • A long walk with my dog
  • A spray bottle with essential oils that I spray in my face – keep your eyes closed when you do this
  • A quick workout with very heavy weights to change up my energy
  • A headstand
  • A guided meditation
  • Turn off and cover the TV
  • Put the phone away
  • Alternating hot and cold shower
  • Taking cognitive enhancers like brain octane oil- if I think it works maybe it does
  • Listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays or Podcasts on productivity.
  • A diet heavy in fruits and vegetables
  • The 12 step serenity prayer
  • Allowing myself some organizing time every day but not too much
  • Making giant post-it notes on my walls with goals, projects and a to-do list so I see it daily
  • Breaking projects into small digestible bites
  • Make your bed every day
  • Keep a notebook with action items, thoughts, ideas and projects
  • Make my workout a reward if I get some writing done
  • Be vigilant with time, don’t let anyone steal it

This book is moving along, sometimes at a snail's pace, but I remind myself that every word is progress and every sentence a step towards to the seemingly endless process of completion. For those of you struggling to complete or even start a project, I hope these tips yield progress.