And somehow the world has gone mad….

First my sincere apologies for my absence from this blog. I went to school for 3 weeks and was in a bubble - I was challenged, struggling to be a student, maintain my fitness and health regime, make new friends and keep up with business at YogaFit. After HBS I had a 5 day turn around and left for 10 days to India where I was immersed in spiritual study, presenting and decompressing from school. If I’m honest I knew I would be coming home to grim times and was trying to milk that bubble for all that I could.

Upon my return, I drove to DC, stayed up 24 hours and spoke at Executive Women in Government and taught yoga while I still could. So here’s the thing - I LOVE teaching yoga more than anything … and for the short term, that’s come to a screeching halt.

Much like the city of New York.

Tonight I opened the door of my apartment to see one of my favorite neighbors waiting for the elevator, wearing a face mask and what appeared to be a hazmat suit - when I asked him where he was going - he said “ for ice cream “

Have we gotten to that point? Uncertainty is something we as humans don’t fare well with - and the reality is - that’s all we have. As I was sitting on my sofa tonight ( TV turned OFF ) but drinking Ginger Bourbon and eating ice cream ( yes he brought me some ) I was reflecting - most days we don’t know what the next will be, but these times are especially uncertain and we have no choice but to simultaneously surrender, plan and take it -One Day At A Time ( as my 12 step friends would say. Their meetings which may or may not be “MY” meetings have also been canceled.

In the past 6 weeks, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel, learn and meet some truly amazing people who have touched my soul.

What I’ve come away with is

GRATITUDE must be practiced in every moment.

The people who touch your heart, spirit or excite and stimulate your mind leave an imprint on you that cannot be erased.

How we can LOVE people that we have just met because they touch our hearts, souls, and minds in a way that is not quantifiable - I have fallen in love ( and not in the traditional way ) with at least three souls in 6 weeks.

The importance of staying connected to that LOVE Vibration now and radiate it out as kindness to everyone we interact with as people are going through some very very challenging times.

That KINDNESS does matter and being an ass is simply not an option.

Energy matters, authenticity matters and be generous in spirit matters.

Expecting life to be the same from day to day is unrealistic, things change, people change.

Experiences are what matter, not stuff, titles and accomplishments

Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves as the seldom come again and NOT in the same way twice.

Stay present at the moment

Take pictures with your heart and hold them close.

Stay connected to your loved ones- even if you just met them.

Be aware enough to know when you do meet them

Above all, I’ve learned ONCE GAIN to stay present at the moment- give your best, do your best and then you can REST on occasion but not for too long. One of my ex’s once said “I will never possess you as you belong to the world”

It’s true, I do and my daily prayer is that the Universe keeps showing me how and where I can now SERVE best.

In Gratitude with love

stay safe, stay present stay calm