I am a student of life. I like to approach all things with curiosity including my workouts.  I also believe that it is important to try new fitness and mind-body modalities. They say we should “try everything once." I like to try everything at least two times because often times, trying something new, you are clouded by the novelty of the experience itself and not just the experience. When you go back and try it two or three times you will truly see and feel the experience.

I recently tried Pilates again ….

Over ten years ago I tried a few sessions and found that I had to “think too much" lending a whole new meaning to “Mind-Body”

Earlier this year I had a toe surgery, so I decided to try a few new workouts. I happened to meet the owner of a local Pilates studio so I bought 5 private sessions. I actually enjoyed them because I HAD to think. EVERYTHING was different! And I wanted to just focus completely on what I was doing.

When we practice YogaFit, I feel like the mind and body become one, the mind moves into the muscles and the mind clears.

Thinking a lot during a workout is usually NOT my thing.

I, like the rest of us, have habitual holding patterns that have been reinforced over the past 30 years that I have been working out.

Add to that the YogaFit SPA ( Safety Principles of Alignment ) and my habituation becomes even more ingrained.

I am hyperlordotic, have extremely tight traps and a tight upper back.

When my sessions ran out, they sent me a discount email offer. I decided to try a group class today instead. There were only two of us in the class and I shared that I was a beginner up front.  I went in thinking I would purchase a series and left feeling like I wasted an hour. Not because the workout was not challenging, it was in part-  difficult. But what was more difficult was an instructor who kept using terminology that was like a foreign language for me. If I tell you I am new don’t expect me to understand 100’s or roll-ups (something we never do at YogaFit) or the transitions. I was chastised several times for  “closing my eyes" - I often close my eyes during any exercise to FEEL what’s happening in my body. “Open your eyes and stay in the room,” she said. I wanted to respond that I wanted to close my eyes so I could be in my BODY. But I said nothing and looked at the clock, praying for the 45 minutes to end quickly. It took a lot not to walk out of the class.

Habitual holding patterns don’t go away on command- any patterns we have – emotional, physical, mental – cannot be willed away at will. It takes time, patience, awareness and most importantly a DESIRE for change.

This morning I was lazy, I wanted to go to running class but decided I would try something new that was also closer to home. If I had truly listened to my body, I would have gone to run. If I was not so polite, I would have left the class early.

At YogaFit we say listen to your body. When we embark on a new fitness class or program, listen to your body and your emotions.

If something feels amiss, chances are it is – FOR YOU.

Time is limited for all of us. If we only have an hour a day to exercise ( if we are lucky ) how will we spend it?

Listen to your body

Listen to your emotions

Listen to the instructor

Learn from your experience