It’s that time AGAIN!  New Year’s Resolutions. This year, I encourage you to think beyond the “diet and exercise “and let’s make 2019 about the TOTALITY of YOU. You are either moving towards your goals or away from them. Know which direction you are moving in at all times. Every week I like to whiteboard I keep in my home a sheet of the giant post-it notes (the big white ones that stick to the walls)

I personally  use one to make my To Do list – separating it into:

  • Business
  • Personal
  • Misc. ( errands )
  • Travel

You can then create blocks within the “pie slices “On my TO DO List Post It – Once a week I update it and cross off what has been accomplished. I keep it where I can see it on a daily basis and every two weeks, I throw it out and create another one. I encourage you to keep them. If you are anything like me, you focus and dwell on what’s not done more that you relish in your successes, accomplishments and achievements. Adding gratitude for checking things off the list will make you feel so much better.  When we feel better, life is better.

If we don’t have a roadmap it’s difficult to know where to go. White boarding will help you:

  • Identify your priorities.
  • Chart your progress
  • Stay on track
  • Show you where you are spending your time


Health: Nutrition. Fitness. Mind Body (Yoga& Meditation)

Social: Friendships, Events, Family, Relationships

Career: Finance, Goals, Education, Charity

Another important aspect of being your best self, is your relationship to space. We all need it and we all want it on some level.  We need space in our schedules to exercise, practice yoga, prepare healthy food and meditate. There is a direct correlation between maintaining an orderly household and maintaining your ideal weight.  If you are getting ready to embark on a weight loss program or feel stuck, clear the clutter and take back your energy.  All matter takes up space and energy. If we have too much stuff around us it can suck all the energy out of us. If things are in disarray, we may be spending excess time trying to locate items or even move them out of the way.

Developing Lean Consciousness

Clear and Let Go: In order to get and stay lean, we must be able to continuously let go of things that are not working in every and any way.  Sentimentality will keep you stuck in the past. To be lean is to learn to let go- again and again.


Take an accurate assessment of your living situation.  Notice how you feel when you enter your space. Notice your immediate reaction past the familiarity of the fact that it is your space and you feel comfortable with that. Does space feel neat and orderly?  Are there things that make you cringe, things you are avoiding dealing with, cleaning or repairing?   Often times we get used to things being a certain way and even if they are dirty, broken, disorganized or cluttered we accept them as that. Keep in mind that all objects are made of matter, particles (. Everything has energy, and everything takes up energy. These things could be sucking the life force energy right out of you and you may not even know it.  Your living space and in particular your kitchen should flow.


Visualize and make a reasonable plan – your home may never look like a pictorial from Better Homes & Gardens- but it should function.  Make a plan for each room starting with the kitchen.  Perhaps your kitchen needs a complete renovation from cabinets to counters to paint.  While this may not be feasible you can make dramatic shifts that are not costly.


Clear the decks- Take everything out of your kitchen – and I do mean everything.  Have three large cardboard boxes labeled – Donate, Toss, Keep  Remove everything from the space and reassess. Things look different when they are clear. Clear out all the cabinets, counters, refrigerator and shelves. Throw out anything that is old, broken, expired or that you have not used in the past year. Donate what you cannot bear to throw out, remembering there is someone less fortunate who may benefit from your donations Go through your kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer - throw out or donate any food that is composed of white flour, sugar, hydrogenated corn syrup or contains trans-fat. Donate old canned foods. Throw out any sauces, spices, dressings or condiments that are expired or over 6 months old.

Space Clearing Work Out:

Put on some good music and some comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. Clean your kitchen cabinets, countertops, floors and refrigerator fully and completely using a natural solution of white vinegar, half a lemon juiced and water. Deep clean, vacuum, dust, mop, scrub and soak. Know that if you do this yourself not only are you burning extra calories but also you are literally putting your energy into space.


This could be anything from a fresh coat of paint to sanding and refinishing your cabinets. At the very least  add a fresh coat of paint.

Shop & restock:

Look at your dish ware, pots and pans, utensils and decide what can go and what must stay. It is actually very inexpensive to replace dishes at a restaurant supply store or even Target. Go for smaller plates and smaller utensils – this will literally make you eat less as you work towards smaller portions and more beautiful presentations. Restock – add condiments in small packaging, spices and anything else you need that is healthy, organic and will contribute to your new lifestyle goals.  Get rid of anything that is not helping you move in that direction. Consider green cookware.  Line your cupboards with organic paper or natural sisal lining for freshness, cleanliness, and beauty  

Examine your cooking utensils, pots, and pans, dishes and gadgets- If you have not used any of them in the past 4 months – donate them – often times we just need a great knife, cutting board and a few good pots and pans to make good healthy food.  Simplicity in all things is key.  paint your kitchen if needed, make any repairs to cabinets, drawers or countertops. Replace and clean any light bulbs or fixtures, replace your wood cutting board with a new antibacterial wood or plastic blend. Sharpen your knives, donate any less than great knives. Remember one good knife like a Henkel is worth 20 cheap ones. Look at your dishes – are they chipped, scratched, discolored- ask yourself- how do I feel eating on these?

If needed replace with smaller white dish set- try for inexpensive sets. Aesthetics make all the difference Throw out any old sponges, dish brushes, or kitchen towels. Replace with new ones. Once you have success with the kitchen you may feel so good that you decide to take on one room at a time until your entire house is done.

The is an extreme satisfaction in donating your belonging to charity. Studies have shown that giving back and philanthropy go a long way in feelings of happiness and personal success. Consider giving your old blankets, towels, and sheets to one of my favorite animal rescue groups Blankets of Love that donate these items to shelter dogs.