Somehow it's all become so real. Two weeks ago, while still in India, I realized I would be coming home to a difficult situation, but somehow today it set in. Walking the empty streets of Manhattan, a walk from Soho to the Meatpacking District, which on this sunny Spring day, were empty. Windows of high-end retail stores boarded up along with some clubs and restaurants. I wondered if the restaurants were boarded up to prevent people from looting their bars …but ironically the liquor stores are still open.

It’s a time for isolation, for solitude, for introspection. Covid19 attacks the respiratory system, which in the book Your Body Speaks Your Mind, the lungs represent SADNESS. I believe that as a World, we are in fact - sad. In between destroying the earth, burning the Amazon, polluting our waters, factory farming of animals and being infiltrated with 5 G, we’ve become very sad. and the Earth is even sadder.

We’ve got the same bodies our ancestors had, along with the same brains- one would only hope that we would have evolved spiritually, but obviously, that’s not happening fast enough. And everything else around us has evolved, perhaps too much and at too great of a cost.

So here we sit, in our prisons, and I’m not speaking of our homes, but we are being forced to turn inward. We are all imprisoned in our physical bodies, at this timer. I’m blessed to have been on some type of path of inquiry and introspection for many years. Which has not made me immune to the forces of the outside world, my mind and my ego? However, I am very comfortable being in solitude. For a while … My life is and has been jam-packed with travel, work, friends and activities. Almost to the degree where being busy is a compulsion. I find myself before Corona, always racing around, at the airport every two weeks if not more and constantly trying to “ pack as much of life in “ as possible. And now, my social circle down to pretty much one person ( yes that 80/20 rule is applying) and three dogs. And yet even in that, there is more space than there has ever been before- and it feels really good. Perhaps it’s time for us all to just sit, to feed our souls with whatever is positive and feed our bodies with what is even healthier. I could have never imagined a world where the gym is closed, the yoga studios shut down and people afraid to get near one another. Especially here in New York, where we pack into subways, nightclubs, bars, yoga classes, and the streets. Like everyone, I have moments of fear, more moments of concern and most of all - the dread of uncertainty.

How long is this going to last? YogaFit runs on people in person - people. Most of my skill sets involve people. And now there are no people.
The more we can ground ourselves now, the better. Whatever tools you have been sharpening and using need to be put into action now -
At YogaFit our mantra is let go of judgments, expectations, competition, listen to your body, breathe feel, and stay present at the moment. That’s what I’m trying to do - stay present at the moment, make conscious choices and limit my media consumption. I’ve taken up running again, am listening to chants, praying and educating myself. and yes allowing for some wine and reality TV.

If we were truly imprisoned, we would soon discover more tools. My advice - develop them now, take advantage of this time to explore the deepest recesses of your soul. Get to know yourself again and hopefully, we will all be released as better, more grateful, and conscious people. Celebrate your progress and the small victories of doing something better for your body/mind and spirit.