This is the longest I’ve been grounded in years …I will admit that the monotony is starting to get a bit warning …some days re far better than others, I think a lot of our early morning self-talk dictates our day. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what makes the “ good days “ good - Is it my exercise program, yoga, one of the thousand supplements I take? I find that above and beyond these tools is the act of taking yourself to the task. I’m struggling with my perfectionism, high expectations of my self, the addiction to crossing things off the endless to-do list and generally making things happen. That and a lot of chasing ideas and business opportunities that may or may not manifest.
.I started thinking this morning about people complaining they're are “imprisoned “ in their homes. and I could only think about my ex-partner's aunt who was imprisoned at age 71 into a Turkish prison a few years ago. She is a journalist and I’m not going to get into the political situation in Turkey ( you can google that ) but suffice to say that many journalists shared her fate. the next time you ( or I ) complain about being imprisoned in our homes we should imagine how life would be in a real prison.
We are all prisoners of our physical bodies, but we don't have to be the prisoner of our minds. This requires so much more discipline the handing the running our bodies in good health. Check your thoughts, especially the ones you start your day off with. This is a shift with awareness and consciousness can be achieved. One more thing to feel good about.

Stay Well. Protect your immune system. Stay positive!