Today is a bit of a letdown, After the high of yesterday. It feels like the day after a big party, wedding or celebration. Or in my case, I feel like this is the day after a YogaFit Mind Body Fitness Conference ends - the party is over although the good vibes remain the same. I actually try to leave any party before it winds down so I can remember the high points. Know when to say when ... It’s over.

I walk over to the Casa, nothing is happening and no one is there. It's DEAD, yesterday there were at least 700 people. I decide to take a walk down to the waterfall that’s on the back of the property and down a hill.

Thrilled that I at least get to log a mile today after not doing any work out since Tuesday morning when I had a trainer come to our apartment in Rio with an electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) machine. This is one of the longest times I’ve gone without a workout. I’m quite surprised that I am not more agitated as I use my workouts to balance my moods and I have to say that I’m quite addicted to them.

Back up the hill I have a coffee at the snack shop at the Casa and Stephan & Renata come to join, we are literally the only ones there.

Until we meet a German woman who is carrying a large Cannon camera – she photographer who has been following JOG for five years

She shares that she has all kinds of footage of the healings believes without a doubt that this is the real deal and healings happen. She has it on film.

Stefan and Renata have a spirited conversation with her about fake healings in Thailand, blood pellets and the like most of which is in German and lost on me.

I am still a bit wiped out so after multiple coffees (another adrenal depletion) I go back to my room and do a two-hour meditation. When I awake I’m feeling kind of down and still dealing with a lot of emotional issues.

Fortunately, Renata texts me she wants to go down to the waterfall and I pull myself out of the black hole that is my mood. I don’t even wear a bathing suit because I wasn’t planning on going in. However, when we get there Renata encourages me to change my mind the water feels amazing cool and healing. So, I enter the waterfall, breaking yet another rule. If I could speak to the entities I would ask them what the difference is between a waterfall and a shower, the latter of which I do twice daily.

I then spend a little more time in the local shops picking up some crystals for friends and some herbs like maca, cacao, and gingko.

At night, we all go to Fruttis, the local café and have a dinner.  There I met a mother and two daughters from New Jersey who are on their second visit. The daughters had a physical intervention on their first trip. I’m dying to hear more but I don’t want to delve too deeply into their personal business.

By this point, I’m starting to recognize people that I’ve seen around for the past four days and by recognize, I mean that I can really vibe on certain people’s energy. Tomorrow is my last day and I feel sad that I’m leaving as I’m starting to connect with more people, I’m a very social creature amidst my hibernating meditations.

Nothing really happens at the Casa from Saturday through Tuesday, the main days are Wednesday through Friday so I don’t quite know what I would do with myself to hang out any longer -  I have to get back to my life and get back to work. Or maybe I am just telling myself that to avoid dealing with me, myself and I for another three days ...  Although looking at my life from the vantage point in Brazil I know that I need to make some changes.

I’m currently living in the middle of New York City and I’m beginning to wonder how much that is serving my spiritual growth & nature. I’m starting to crave sunshine and wide open spaces- I’m having visions of an airy house with wood decks, Buddhist flags, sunshine and more peace and calm.

Read on for Day 5 - Soul Sunday..