Not to be confused with National Smile Day ( June 25), or World Smile Day (October 4), National Smile Power Day, June 15, is about the actual tangible power that your smile can deliver.

Your smile has POWER-power to change someone’s immediate reality. Smiling at someone causes the mirror neurons in their brain to activate. Seeing you smile makes their mirror neurons fire in response, therefore returning your smile and thus reaping the benefits. As our face muscles assume the position of a smile, fake or sincere, our mood begins to align with the emotion our muscles are evidencing. Embracing happiness more often throughout our day not only can reduce blood pressure, heart rate and pain and stress levels, it can increase endurance, cell health and immune system function. Smiling can boost creativity and make us more productive, at the same time making us seem more courteous, competent and reliable. A smile can assure acceptance and gratitude, as well as reducing fear and anxiety.

Babies smile almost 400 times a day, helping to assure that their caretakers will stick around! Adults rack up a dismal 20 smiles a day on average, how tragic, this disparity deserves to be addressed.

Share the POWER of your smile!

National Smile Power Day was started in 1963 by Harvey Ball, the creator of the iconic smiley face. He was concerned over the commercialization of the symbol and the loss of its original meaning of the symbol, intended to promote goodwill and good cheer on the planet. “The smiley face knows no politics, geography and no religion... and for at least one day, neither should we.

Start your day by smiling at yourself in the morning mirror. Flex and strengthen those smile muscles! Your own mirror neurons will fire in response, then go out and FACE the world! Remember you have the POWER to change the world around you, unleash your pow