If you haven't already, I highly suggest to go back and read Days 1-4: My Experience with John of God in Brazil.

The only thing happening at the Casa on Sunday is a one-hour singing, soul serving, Gospel-like music event. Vocal worship. I go and am pleasantly surprised to hear songs from my Catholic school days along with hymns that I used to sing at AGAPE in LA and songs that I used to use for YogaFit’s Level 5.

“I Release and I Let Go" by Ricky Byars is one of my most favorites.

As I am leaving the service, I walk by a woman parked outside with a scruffy little dog for adoption. She is raising money for a no-kill shelter, spay, neuter, and adoption. I give her all the “reals" I have. ( Brazilian currency )

We chat for a bit and my heart is warm with the knowledge that someone here cares for the animals.

Check out her Facebook Page: Animal Lovers Abadiania and her www.gofundme.com/8t33bavw  ASPAAB. One of the most challenging things I find about traveling is the number of unneutered dogs running around a lot of countries, knowing that while people are struggling to feed themselves the animals often get very neglected. If I could change anything in the world, high on my list would be mandatory spay/neuter and no puppy mills.

My birth name is Bethany. I stopped using it when I was a child. It means House of God. We are all Houses of God, although many times we disconnect from this or have amnesia. For me, spiritual retreat and places of worship; ashrams, mosques, churches, temples – all have the same effect on me. I don’t differentiate and I have equal respect for all.

They remind me to keep my house clean, to be the best person I can be, to have compassion, to serve and to hold the intention to make this place we live- Planet Earth a better one.

Peace to All

Life to All

Love to All

My mantra, my prayer.