Who among us doesn’t need to be healed?  Perhaps it’s physical like so many people here, or emotional, mental or spiritual.

Take a look at what’s happening on the planet today, we all need healing.

My almost 24 hours of being sequestered in my room went well, although I broke the technology rule, took a trip to get a coffee after dinner and sat outside my room for an hour at sunset to write. I was really knocked out after the intervention, I want to chalk it up to sheer exhaustion, but I’ve been getting more sleep here and eating more than I normally do. Perhaps it takes more than three days and nights to recover?

I also have not taken one cognitive function supplement since I have been here and to be honest with you, I take a handful daily.

23 hours - Lots of time to think about my patterns.  Lots of time to rest, meditate and to reflect. My back is killing me ... perhaps some yoga should have been part of my “cell time.“

Now on Day Three I am back among the masse at “The Casa" a sprawling property with several one-story structures that all center around the main hall where one comes in contact with John of God (hereby I will refer to as JoG. ) There is a beautiful serene garden area with wooden benches where you can look off into endless green mountains.  This is where a lot of people meditate. There is also a “soup kitchen “on the property, serving only soup. The Casa soup is a thick vegetable soup with lots of pasta in it served with bread. My first thought is how can all that gluten be good for sick people? But I have to move on. My gluten free, dairy free lifestyle is not well served in many places I travel and this is no exception. I remember fondly how my host in Saudi Arabia made me a lemon bundt cake which I devoured with glee.

There are over 1,000 people here, everyone walking around wearing white makes it feels like a hospital. It is indeed a spiritual hospital.

It’s a far cry from the yoga retreats and spiritual centers I have visited where people are radiating energy. Everything and everyone here is quite subdued, people keep their energy in. Today, I notice more of the obvious illness around me. I am in a deep state of gratitude for my physical health… many people who are here are very sick. For some, this is the last hope. I have met a woman from Napa, Susan, who has had MS for 20 years, she’s a runner, looks vibrant and has beautiful clear energy. She tells me she has been sober since 1992. Susan was also recently diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, she is quite certain her labs will test clean when she returns home. I met another woman named Joyce from DC who is using a walker, she is here for 5 months. I don't ask what she’s here for - she's here on her second visit and she seems like she is enjoying it. Joyce also radiates beautiful energy. I met another family from New Jersey, a mother and two daughters in their 40’s are also on their second visit. Americans are far and few between here, it’s mostly Europeans and Brazilians.

That afternoon we get to go in the “goodbye line” we pass before the entity using the body of John of God, and he speaks to the man in front of me, then with a quick touch of my hand (and my John of God beads purchased in the bookstore that I put in my palm) I am waved on. I feel a little passed over and know that’s just my ego rearing itself along with my often-present fear of rejection.

We wait, again....  

Outside the reception area for JOG to make an appearance. We are supposed to be in groups I text Renata to come back ASAP. We are among large groups from France, from Montreal, even Japan. Our guide Yuta says we have to be in a group to get a picture with JOG, I grab Renata and some random woman next to me and say, “we are a group” the woman says she is with another group and while Yuta and I are arguing about “what constitutes a group” JOG comes out He makes a beeline for us – Renata and I with JOG in the middle make one lovely picture, I am elated. High. On Cloud Nine.

I can’t even describe the feeling. I know in this moment the Universe puts me in the right place at the right time. I am not one to wait in any lines but standing outside for almost an hour like a groupie after a concert paid off. Another lesson in patience for me.

Meanwhile back at the Posada, Stefan who did his intervention that day is locked up in his room and Renata and I chant and chat by the pool. First we chant her Buddhist "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" then I turn her onto my Snatam Kaur chants. We chant, chat and eat dinner, the Dutch woman at our dining room table tells me she has seen me around the “JoG Casa" and I have really big energy. I have tried to keep that energy in, as I am nobody special here, just another woman in white trying to get healed.

According to the the guides and people who work for John of God, after your intervention, spirits are healing you from nine different points, much like plant medicine, the work happens after you depart. While I am highly intuitive and very sensitive to energy, I have never seen a ghost or a spirit. Later that night I awoke to what sounded like tapping in my room. My first thought was “finally the spirits have come to me” I then shine my flashlight on the ceiling and see that it’s just a leak. It’s raining. I am going to pick up a few books on spirits, although I am not sure I really want to see any… feeling them would be ok. These were suggested to me.

Allan Kardec:  The Spirits' Book & The Mediums' Book

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