And so the day was upon me, they used to call it a “Healing" now known as the [Spiritual] “Intervention". I believe that all physical illness stems from emotional, spiritual ( karma ) and historical ( unresolved issues in your DNA). While in excellent health physically - I had to struggle to come up with a few physical issues for the entity to work on. I am here to heal my heart, some patterns and choices that are not serving me. I set my alarm a bit earlier this morning and by 7:15 I am having breakfast with my new friend, the orange cat that lives on the property. I have acknowledged his or her existence a few times as I always do with our four-legged friends and she/he is on me – I’m sure it helps that I am feeding Cat some eggs with a fork at this point and engaging in morning banter with it “How are you doing today?" and all that ….

I notice the most beautiful butterfly has landed between the cat and I, a beautiful creature with what looks like eyes. It looks dead but I gently touch its wings and it moves, then the cat bats it gently as well and .. it moves. Butterflies represent transformation so I feel blessed with this auspicious start to the day. I meet up with my guide Yutta at the JoG compound and it's back in line for my Intervention. In line the woman in front of me asked where I am from, she is from St Paulo but shares with me she just left her husband of 20 years and her children and is moving to a small beach town South of Rio. She does not know much of what is happening here – a friend brought her. Truth be told, I did zero research before coming here except to watch an Oprah documentary that my friend S sent after my ticket was already purchased. Nothing like jumping right into the pool. Today the line moves quickly and before I know it I am in a small room off  “The Current." We are told to sit.

I hear my line mate crying next to me and then once again I hear Snatam Kaur’s By Thy Grace coming from the other room – It breaks through my heart and I am in the midst of an incredible emotional release. I feel pain, sadness and at the same time joy for my ability to really feel. We are then told to open our eyes and move out to a patio where we are given the list of rules – No black pepper, no spicy food, no alcohol, exercise, yoga or sex for 40 days. Well, I should have done a bit more research on this one. When I experienced plant medicine we had to refrain from the list plus caffeine for 7-10 days prior, minus the workout & yoga.

Several parts of this “aftercare" are not sitting well with me. We then have to go to the pharmacy to fill our prescription for Passiflora ( passionflower ) that we need to take for 40 days. Yogi Bhajan said it takes 40 days to make or break a habit – some if not all of these things are not high on my list of habits to break – especially working out and yoga.

After a brief encounter with S, sharing with me how much he hates his lodging and the fight he got into with our guide, I am in a taxi back to my Posada for 24 hours of bed rest and seclusion.

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