Summer is sneaking up on us, chances are you are fast tracking your workout. Try amping up your activity to at least 30 minutes of SOMETHING active every day!  

Here is a good YogaFit workout that will take no more than 35-40 minutes.

Full body Warm - Up: "Moon Flowers"

1st part of pose: Start standing with feet three to four feet apart- extending arms to sky.

2nd part of pose: Bend knees and bring elbows towards ribs with fingers pointing towards the sky.
Repeat 10- 20 times - this get the heart rate up and warms up body, tones legs and glutes. Works lower body muscles and shoulders. Strengthens core center muscles.

Warm - Up:  "Chair Flow"

1st part of pose: Come to top of yoga mat, standing w/ feet hips width apart. Extend arms out from shoulders, bend knees and sit back as if you are sitting in a chair.

2nd part of pose: Straighten legs and extend arms to sky. This works the legs- quads and glutes.
Repeat 10-15 times

Warm up- Core & Upper Body: "Cat/ Cow Flow"

From hands and knees - Cat: Round midback to the sky, bring heart center towards tailbone. Pull navel center in.

Cow : From Cat - lift heart center towards sky, pull tailbone towards sky - let belly hang - contract back muscles

Repeat cat to cow flow  10-15 times

"Plank Push ups" - from hands and knees - drop chest toward the floor then push back to plank - Keep hands right underneath shoulders or closer together

Repeat 10- 15 times


From Hands and Knees press into palms and lift hips to the sky, straightening legs. This is "Downward facing dog" - hold for 10-15 deep breaths - strengthens upper body, stretches back of body.

Modified or balancing Warrior One-

From Downward Facing Dog - step right foot forward drop left knee. Extend arms to sky - arms should be stacked over the shoulders, finger tips reaching towards the sky. More advanced - do not drop knee.

Swing arms down and step back into Down ward facing dog

Move to plank pose - do a plank push up

Come back to down dog

Repeat stepping left foot forward

Repeat sequence on both sides 5-10 times

This sequence works the whole body.

Core Work:  

"Boat Angles" From a seated position with knees bent and soles of the feet on floor. Sit up very tall, pull navel center in, lean back to a 45-degree angle hold for 2-5 breaths - pull forward chest to legs

Repeat 5-10 times

"Boat Lifts"  - from seated position . Knees bent soles of feet on floor - lift and extend right leg, release and lift left leg. Repeat 5 -10 times on each side

Cool Down:

"Lying Down Spinal Twist":
Lying on back bring right knee to chest and then pull to left side of body - hold for 5-10 deep breathes - breath into low back
Repeat on left side.

Happy Baby Pose - Bring knees to chest, grab feet and gently pull knees to floor on either side of body- Keep low back glued to floor.
this stretches the hip flexors and low back

Modified Corpse Pose ( Savasana Modified) Lying down, bend knees, with soles of feet on floor hands at midsection taking 10-15 deep breaths
Feel the breath enter and exit your body - rest and relax .


If you are hitting weights hard, here are some poses to keep you injury free:


Weightlifting and yoga can work against each other. Weightlifting shortens and bulks the muscles, particularly the shoulders and legs, whereas yoga lengthens and straightens the muscles. While weightlifting may make your yoga workout more challenging, yoga will complement your weightlifting routine, resulting in a more balanced body and less incidence of back pain.

Between Sets:

Downward Facing Dog


Standing Chest Expansion

Flexibility Focus:


Standing Back Bend


Standing Shoulder Stretch

Additional Poses/Techniques

  • Practice one breath per movement when performing repetitions.

Kickboxing and Boxing

These activities create tightness in the shoulders and hips, and are potentially hard on the knees and back. Since these activities become very aerobic, practice deep breathing throughout for maximum efficiency and focus.

Strength Focus:

Abdominal work (for jumps)

Downward Facing Dog

Spinal Balance

Flexibility Focus:

Standing Chest Expansion

Standing Shoulder Stretch

Additional Poses/Techniques For SURFING & STAND UP PADDLE SUP

Recommended standing balance poses include:

  • Tree
  • Eagle
  • Balancing Half-Moon


This is my signature 5-Minute Post Stretch for any Sport  After walking running or cycling, I also do it if I have back pain from overdoing the elliptical or too much walking.

Use this well-rounded stretch following any physical activity.

Knees to Chest
Seated Spinal Twist (both sides)
Upside Down Pigeon (both sides)
Lying Down Hand to Big Toe (both sides)

Lying Down Half Lotus (both sides)
Bridge or Wheel
Dead Bug
Reclining Butterfly
Knees to Chest
Final Relaxation (with knees bent)

Staying fit requires we stay injury free. Enjoy your Summer, enjoy your body, enjoy moving and wear your sunblock

Love & light,