They say you can see the sky in Wuhan for the first time, in a long time. Pollution here in New York City is clearing up and as I walked with Bentley over 7 miles today… I could “ smell the air “ it smelled fresh and clean. There is, of course, the fear of “ don’t breathe too much” but I’m trying to stop that thought. Out on the promenade that runs along the East River, on the Brooklyn side, people are out in droves, many running with masks. I have an Industrial Strength Mask, given to me by someone close to take to India. I have not worn it yet, but I’m thinking maybe I will put it on for my nightly trip to the SuperMarket - Fun Times! Many friends in the fitness industry are closing their studios and some friends high up at fitness chain clubs have been given layoffs. Our Core Team @ YogaFit is still in place and we are anticipating more people interested in taking care of their health - on every level when this “ thing passes “ And it will.

I wake up and listen to SadhGuru Live every morning at 8:30 EST on YouTube, finding solace and inspiration here. I have long wanted to simplify my life like he appears to have. I have glimpses of that every time I go to India, in part because I always pack improperly- my last trip found me wearing a garbage bag as a raincoat, buying a very tight $ 10 men's sweater from Zara in a Rishikesh shop that specializes in strange one-offs and hiking down from the Devine Mother Temple in the Himalayas wearing a pair of running shoes that wear ill-prepared for a downhill trip on small slippery rocks. India always makes me surrender, oftentimes from the moment I arrive. This is a time of surrender, vigilance, awareness and an opportunity to look around your life- not just the physical and reassess EVERYTHING. I feel like it’s a wonderful opportunity to look back, see patterns and make forward-moving corrections.

What calls to your soul?
Where do you want to be living and with whom ( if anyone ) if the world is ending tomorrow?  ( I don’t think it is btw )
How do you want to spend the next years of your life?

A few years ago, while at a 5-day program on self-growth and relationships at a recovery center. ( No I’m not in recovery - but I seem to have relationships with those that are or need to be ) we had to write a letter to our NOW selves from 5 years into the future, I came across it a few months ago. In there - my career dreams, my relationship hopes and also most important - my relationship with myself goals. It was a profound experience and I highly encourage you to take this time, while you still have it to engage in this endeavor.

WRITE a letter to your NOW self from your FIVE years in the future self. It may change your life, redirect your course and provide you a roadmap, inspiration, and illumination.

Be Well, Stay Well, and with Love,