I returned from John of God hopeful and with a very sore throat. The little throat issue I had been dealing with since early January reached a new high on my way home - the next day was spent in Urgent Care. Reminding me once again that Western Medicine does have its place, especially after all the Eastern/natural remedies don’t work. Interestingly enough, most of the people at John of God were there because Western medicine had failed them. If we look at the root cause of all illness as a psycho/spiritual disorder, I wonder if any medicine really works?  

Which brings us back to a “spiritual intervention"

The few days following were amazing – I felt like I was floating, the colors seemed brighter and I was calm. New York City, life, business and breaking a few more rules left me in a less elevated place as the days wore on, but on some level, the baseline of my trip was still with me.

I spontaneously walked into St Patricks Cathedral, lit a candle and prayed for my spirit’s ongoing strength. Since my time at John of God, I have a deep desire to go sit in churches, something that I have never experienced before that brings me to tears just thinking about it. I feel more reverent.

The next time, if there is a next time, I visit John of God, I will stay longer and follow all the protocols.

Sometimes the best things about us are also the worst things, following or not following rules being one.

Hope springs eternal and I like to live in the land of hope. I can only hope that my spirit guides are with me, shepherding me in the right direction and looking out for me, even if I am not always looking out for me. May we all find hope, balance and consistent healing on our individual and collective journeys.