Happy February everyone. I hope your first month of the year was epic! My January was 100% about healing and self-work. Good news - it worked! I was able to let go of a few unhealthy habits ( reality TV is one of them ) and embrace change. Truth be told I have a very love/ hate relationship with change- the only constant in life. Clearing space for me enabled me to make some positive changes in my thinking process, reactions and let go of a few situations that were not serving the “ Greater Good “

In the process, I healed a relationship from the past, made peace with the reality of a few others and prepare for February- a month where I am sequester in Executive Education at Harvard Business School. Deciding to return to HBS was a challenging one for me, as my last time here was very challenging on many levels. Today, with a new attitude, a renewed zest for learning and a very open mind - I am super excited to learn, grow and continue my transformation into being a better leader for YogaFit. YogaFit is the gold standard for yoga and mind-body education, much like Harvard is the gold standard for business education. I hope to bring a lot of that energy back to YogaFit so we can continue to grow, lead and transform the lives of millions in years to come.

Sometimes we just need to literally SHOVE ourselves into growth on any level- in a not so gentle way. Just like we may push ourselves in the gym, we need to hold ourselves to rigorous action to be better on any level, I was never much of a student unless I was very interested in the subject matter, I hate sitting for long periods and being under fluorescent lights for 15 hours a day is a special kind of hell for me, This being said I am 100% committed to showing up as my best self for the next few weeks so that I can be a better leader, creator, and implementer. I am surrounded by 150 business owners, leaders, and very smart people. It’s humbling and energizing. And I’ll be teaching YogaFit to my classmates while being a student :)