“We are what we eat”  applies to our pets, too. I would be remiss if I did not write about canine and feline health. Currently I only have a dog so this article is more geared to your canine companions, but I constantly struggle with what to feed Bentley.  I received this great article from my friend Linda Blair ( formerly known as The Exorcist ) now more well known as an amazing animal advocate who rescues dogs on her multi acre rescue, World Heart Rescue outside Los Angeles. I have been helping Linda since 2007 when I visited her rescue for the first time to plant trees and visit with the dogs.

Bentley recently had a Mast Cell Tumor removed so nutrition has become more important. Last Summer I started  giving Bentley some additional supplements in the form of powders I add to his food – in particular, Missing Link which is rich in omegas and probiotics and a powder called Doggie Greens. I alternate these in his meals at least 5 times a week. In addition to the dog food I give him, which was suggested by his Vet as he had crystals in his urine, I feed Bentley chicken & brown rice a few times a week along with some green apple and cucumber. I also give him Krill Oil daily for healthy skin & coat and coconut oil a few times a week for better cognitive function.

According to the rescue paperwork, Bentley turned six in March, I only wish I had been more diligent on his nutrition for the first few years I had him.

Do your research, talk to your vets and wholistic practitioner.  Remember our best friends have short lives, let's allow them to live their best selves too.