If I’m honest I bought the DPL Red light because I read that Dave Asprey from BulletProof was using it for cognitive function and mitochondria production.  As many of you know I am obsessed with improving cognitive function. I also used to go for red light facials when I lived in LA and was always pleased with the results, which I was quite sure increased my serotonin levels as well as gave me nice skin.

I did a lot of research before I bought my DPL II panel for several hundred dollars off a large volume discount website   There were so many to choose from- super expensive models and the small cheaper ones which I treind before with no result. This was around a month ago, maybe more.

The DPL II has actually more wattage than the much more expensive models that they use in skin care salons and the good news is that it is super portable-

I brought mine on a recent two week trip to Europe.

The DPL II is FDA-Approved for skin rejuvenation. smoothing and preventing wrinkles. It can also be used from head to toe for pain recovery, injuries, wound healing and circulation.  Like everything else I am doing these days, I wanted to give it a thorough test drive before speaking about it .  Technically you are supposed to use the unit every day for 30 days to see results, I am using mine 3-4 x per week and I am seeing major differences in my skin.

My skin seems a lot healthier, I had a friend staying with me, when  she came into the house as I was using my Red Light- her words were – “ you are glowing”

Another good friend who is in the spa industry said that she noticed a difference in my skin. I also noticed a substantial difference in the size of my pores after using the red light for two weeks consistently. They got smaller.