There are many ways to detox, some forced, and others a more natural approach. My process (and the one I would advocate for) is to just listen to your body and move, eat, rest accordingly.

During the early onset of my fever, I was craving pizza, crab cakes, french fries… the kind of food you would never expect a wellness expert to eat. I had pushed my body to a point where it was depleted and wanted as many calories as possible in whatever form possible. So… I ate the pizza, crab cakes and french fries. A few days later, I didn’t want to eat anything. So… I didn’t.

Forcing a cleanse or a detox can be stressful on many levels; but when you listen and be gentle to your body, it goes a long way.  

After running a high fever for a week, my body still wanted to sweat (strange, I know). So, I've been going to almost daily hot yoga classes and last night, I went to Shape House in DUMBO for an infrared sweat session. To others, it may seem counterintuitive, but in ayurvedic - heat calms Vata (to learn more about this, read my book YogaLean), and I definitely think my body needs to calm down from the pressure I put on it last week.

The 55 minute Shape House treatment features FAR infrared energy that warms your core-body temperature by using custom-designed infrared beds. What drew me to this service was the detox benefits- the FAR infared technology makes it easier for your body to free itself from toxic chemicals, pathogens and heavy metals. The service also helps reduce stress, improve sleep, lose weight and improve the quality of your skin.

Shape House provides you a bed with a tv to watch anything you like. For me, I put on my guided meditation and even fell asleep for a few minutes! It was hot and very relaxing, and a great experience.

My detox, although unplanned and uncharted, is beginning taking its own course: a healthy diet (lots of salads- my favorite being the Summer Salad from my YogaLeanbook), protein drinks, hot yoga, sweat sessions, probiotics and the occasional glass of a full-bodied red wine.