Rarely does a week go by where I don’t have to get on an airplane and go somewhere. Travel can be many things – enlightening, inspiring and educational. Travel can also be very unhealthy and requires planning and awareness of your choices. On the road, every choice matters: healthy choices add up, while unhealthy ones can create a rapid downhill spiral. I travel constantly and here are some of my tips to “Travel Fit."

I pack mostly black clothes ( easy mix and match, don’t stain and makes you look lean and sleek . and at least one pair workout clothes. I also pack as many healthy  food  snacks as I can fit in my bag. Nuts, dried fruits and Detour bars fit nicely into the small spaces in between shoes and clothes.  Additionally I pack my favorite Itoen green tea bags, Vitamin C packages, single serve packets of protein powder and amino acids (I use Amino Vital), probiotics and digestive enzymes. Traveling is very hard on the digestive system, and it’s important to plan ahead! For my flight, I always bring a  healthy meal with me and drink a hot beverage once I’ve landed to reduce vata ( the spacy ungrounded feeling you get from travel).

I set myself up for success by doing as much research as the area around me to find fitness options. Whether it’s finding local yoga and fitness studios, booking a hotel room with a gym or  finding healthy restaurants and cafes near me, I plan ahead to ensure I have zero excuses miss a workout.

On the road it’s important to make small decisions to affect your health. I always bring a pair of comfortable workout shoes and walk as much as possible, opting for stairs over the elevator whenever I can. I drink lots of water and pack some self care items as well- warm socks and body oil (this is another  Ayurvedic technique to calm vata), aromatherapy oils for a foot baths after walking trade shows all day and always a big warm for the  plane &  conference room that get chilly.   Another trick is to always pack warmer clothes than you think you may need- a sweater, light jacket and long sleeve layers.

Traveling is often mentally and physically exhausting. You’re constantly moving, trying to ensure you can see all you can while working or having fun. Eating in restaurants is  a good time to practice portion control,  split your meals and eat more often than less. Eating every four or five hours will ensure your blood sugar won’t drop, and leave you feeling satisfied longer. Also try to limit your coffee intake, it’s dehydrating and will tap out your adrenals.

Lastly, let's remember the importance of yoga on the plane, like I did on my last 15 hour flight to the Middle East to combat hours of sitting. I also use guided meditaions to help me sleep on the airplane and relax me after a stressful day.

As a road warrior with over 20 Million miles and over 50 countries visited, I am happy to share my Travel Fit tips with you. Stay safe and have fun on the road.