While I went to Harvard for professional reasons- the greatest gifts perhaps came in the form of supportive classmates and a few spiritual messages. One night a nice man from India walked through our Living Group. He wanted one of my books and in return turned me onto a Chanting Track of the Bhagavadgita that he swore would transform me if I listened to it every day for a month. I’m doing it, stay tuned.

Last Thursday I left empowered, but something else happened and I’m not sure what it was. I have more focus, discipline, and energy that I can even remember having. I’m reminded that we are the only ones who can truly elevate ourselves. To elevate oneself they need to start with the physical- taking good care of yourself. Then like Maslow’s triangle ( hierarchy of needs), we can ascend. Every day I worked out, most days up at 5:30 to hit the gym by 6 am so I could be seated by 7:30 with my small group. I ran my body like a machine and due to good nutrition, limited alcohol, caffeine and animal protein consumption ( although not enough sleep ) my body responded in kind.  Taking care of your physical body is paramount to having a spiritual transformation, or at least makes the process easier.   Listen to your body, talk to your mind and create enough space for the spirit to enter

Take care of yourself – you deserve it and all the many gifts that come with.

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