It's no secret that Yoga practice and it’s breathing, holding poses, flowing vinyasas, mediation, imagery and focus have been proven to:

-make you feel more in control

-increase feelings of positive mood

-reduce perceived stress and anxiety

-change your response to situations that could cause stress

- reduce the heart rate

-lower blood pressure

-make you breathe easier, not shallow (avoiding hyperventilation and panic attacks)

-increases the body's ability to respond to stress more flexibly

-provide better body image

-increase more thoughtful eating habits, caring what you put into your body

-allows you to let go of tension in the mind and body

-instead of “dealing with” stress, yoga allows you to release it from your life

-witness stress and negative feelings instead of experiencing them, practicing non-attachment

-allow you to appreciate the now and live in the moment

-facilitates deep relaxation and helps practitioners sleep better

With love and light,