As many of you know, my new book, Healing Trauma with Yoga, is on the health and fitness bestseller list. Completing this book was challenging for me because there are so many ways to heal and of course, I wanted to list every possible one. In hindsight, I would have prefaced that entire list with one word - WILLINGNESS! What does this mean exactly?  It means to be willing to do whatever it takes to heal.  

I take my advice to heart here. Whether you are healing physically or emotionally when you have the quality of willingness, you will try anything and everything (within reason) to heal. I can almost promise you that willingness creates healing.

Such has been my journey of lately. Last Summer, I went through a major healing crisis and subsequently healing just as I was finishing my book as ironic as that is. I was both overly optimistic and overconfident that I was 100% healed since I was involved in a similar situation to what had triggered my last healing crisis. As fate would have it, four months later, I fell into a similar pothole. As I mentioned in my last blog, the bandage got ripped off and I was bleeding from current and mostly past trauma - AGAIN.

So I have had to open my mind, open my heart, and open the large bag of healing with the willingness to explore the contents of some known and some unknown.

Making some tough decisions has included :

1. Turning off the TV - I have not had mine on since before the holidays- I believe it drains your energy and lowers your vibration.

2. No drinking ( ok well mostly no drinking ) - Alcohol is a recipe for depression and also lowers your vibration.

3. Trimming the list of people I share my time and energy with. It’s precious people- guard it with your life.

4. Being open to new friends and experiences. Always be open and create opportunities for you to learn, grow and have fun.

5. Work on yourself - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

6. Stop what’s NOT WORKING for you and know what those things are. Be sure to remove your triggers and consider keeping them permanently away from you.

7. Recognizing when you are dwelling excessively in your pain, a little is ok, but a lot may be an addiction to pain and sets you in a toxic mindset.

When you pick willingness, you are assured that at some point, you Will heal, you Will feel better, and you Will GROW. Remember we are faced with these challenges so that as our soul evolves, we get to clear our karma and transform the world by transforming ourselves.

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