A year ago I went back to school, not just any school, but Harvard. My first week of four that I would end up spending there in 2018 was a program called Women’s Leadership Program. There were 68 of us from all over the world.  I connected with less than a handful of the women there but kept in touch with all off our What's App group. We had planned a reunion in conjunction with the Women’s Share Event in Barbados which is a smaller version of a big Women’s Conference that is happening in Vancouver BC in June. My college from HBS is the High Commissioner to Canada, she organized the event.

I spoke on a panel and was the only representative from the US. Today there were over 160 women and two men at Women’s Share. Mostly, college students, many enrolled at the Sagicor School of Business and Management here in Barbados. Five of my other HBS classmates came in – one from Bulgaria via Atlanta, a Nigerian,  another from Lebanon and one from Washington DC.   Two professors ( one of which is an ER Doctor ), An oil and gas maven and a senior exec from the American Red Cross. To be able to be in the company of these amazing women for the past three days, to learn about a new culture, politics, and people has been the best birthday gift I could have hoped for!   It was a pleasure to help inspire, inform and educate these young women. They were all so bright, present and engaged - I learned a lot from them today.  Real learning is truly a two-way street.

Education is something no one can ever take away from you, so I believe we should never stop learning. I even met a YogaFit student in this group, it seems as though everywhere I go lately including the ForbesSmall Giants Conference there is a YogaFit student in my midst and I am so thankful that they always come up and introduce themselves to me.

To think I almost did not take this trip – the past two years have had me completely wrapped up in work with YogaFit and as of late, my new book and traveling ( for business ), school and trying to improve myself on every level.  I realized that I cannot remember when I actually took a vacation.

I am taking one extra day to meet up with someone from the island who hosted a few YogaFit trainings. He is going to train me ☺

I will finish this book that needs to get done, maybe take a swim and plan my return visit…..