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Praise for Beth’s YogaFit

 “This guide can help everyone from beginner to expert.” -O, the Oprah Magazine

"Beth Shaw's YogaFit represents the fusion of the ancient practice of yoga with cutting-edge exercise physiology. It is a program that will benefit everyone regardless of their athletic skill level."  -Barry Sears, PhD, Author of The Zone

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beth Shaw's YogaFit. The style is very user friendly, approachable, and contemporary, allowing the reader to engage with the text.” -Halima Malik, Yoga Magazine

"Beth Shaw's YogaFit offers an effective exercise plan, creating a unique fusion of yoga moves with toning, firming, and strengthening exercises. People will love this book." -Carol Ann Weber, Contributing Editor, FitnessRx Magazine

“Beth's Shaw's YogaFit is a refreshing guide to yoga for the masses. I enjoyed the clear cut and comprehensive way she helps the reader learn how to incorporate all the aspects of the yoga lifestyle into their practice.” –C.C. Kub

Beth in the Press

Beth's articles have been published in many publications and she has been quoted or featured in fitness, business, and consumer publications including Time, LA Times, the New York Times, USA Today, Entrepreneur, SELF, FIT, O—The Oprah Magazine, Club Business International, LA YOGA, Yoga Magazine and Yoga Journal. She participates in the monthly New York Times’ Women’s Entrepreneur Group, a collection of business owners who meet with a writer to document their experiences in the popular blog hosted by the Times.