First Night in Saudi Arabia

My First Night in Saudi Arabia

I often am asked at the end of a training day,  you must be tired, are you feeling the time difference?

Being present in the moment - Personally, I don’t believe in Jet Lag, being present in the moment means that you are in the time zone that you are in.  Sleeping a lot on airplanes helps, as does healthy living.

I'm writing this at 5 am in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, a place I have long wanted to visit and have been intrigued by for many reasons:

  • It’s an “ invitation only “ country – you don’t get a visa without an invitation-kind of like a VIP party (minus the party )
  • It's an alcohol-free country
  • It’s seemingly not a “ women-centric “ country have always been fascinated by the hidden, the world that lies beneath the surface and from what I have learned … stay tuned. I wanted to know why women who spend so much on designer clothes, have  to cover them up with a black  robe like garment ( abaya )


  • I’ve been curious about the culture as a whole.
  • I love eating foods of different ethnicities.

So here I am- leading Level One and Level Two – four intense days or training… I should also add because I lead so few full YogaFit training these days, I periodically need to prove to myself that I can “ STILL DO THIS “  20 years later…I arrived via 23 hours in Milan on Wed, night. Women in this country need to cover their hair in public and wear an abaya to cover their clothing in the streets and in public places. I had a fantasy of walking off the plane in full black garb- eyes only showing… But last minute while in NYC I purchased just a full on head cover – eyes only showing back ( Amazon really does have everything ) however, I could not figure out once on the airplane how to get that thing on.

So instead I wrapped a black and white checkered scarf around my head to cover my hair and imagine my surprise when my Saudi customs agent told me the checkered scarves are for men only. Even though theirs are red and were not purchased by a dear friend at Maxwell's , a high-end store in West Hollywood, California!

One of my gracious hosts took me to the hotel and I fell asleep watching Saudi TV not without noticing the women on TV are not wrapped and covered …. Hmmmmm.

This should be an interesting trip. Day 1 forthcoming.

Beth Shaw