" Changing Lives One Breath at a Time"


I’ve been to the Middle East twice in the past month teaching YogaFit … Saudi Arabia and Israel. Different markets for sure but some commonalities.
Doing training in a culture, you are not familiar requires sensitivity and flexibility.
Vibing on the energy of people from another land requires more awareness- some cultures encourage sharing, and others do not. Some cultures encourage critique, and others suppress expression.
The best way for me to describe doing YogaFit training in particular in a new country. 
The first time you enter a new town, it often feels very two dimensional. Sometimes flat
I Remember in particular going to Tulum Mexico in the late 90s before it was built up
I drove through the town the first time and thought it wasn't much of anything
As I continued to spend time in that town and go to the coffee shops restaurants and stores to interact with  people, it took on beyond a three-dimensional feeling
It became one of the most charming places with character with heart with its own unique flavor
Day one of a training is the same thing - It is only as we begin to practice together & teach – do people start to open & start to shine ..  It is not uncommon for people to look completely different at the end of two or four days than they did day one. And you can feel their unique energetic pattern at that time. Words don’t accurately describe this experience. I live in the world of energy. When Individuals and their energy start to come out as you open to one another. They shine Like beautiful lotus flowers opening.
I love this work; it forces me to look at myself every time. I am highly critical of my own performance and have nothing but a deep desire for everyone to “ get it “ I often have to remind myself that everyone has their own process, in their own time.   I teach because I want people to feel what I am feeling – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I want them to have the experience of being in their bodies, letting go of their mental patterns, enjoying the bliss that the practice brings and the openness that it creates. Everyone’s journey will be a different one, my only hope is that they gain more awareness of their bodies, minds, and spirits.
Sometimes people are resistant and I cannot take it personally.
On this last trip I was reminded that just as we say at YogaFit “  no judgment- no expectation - no competition “I must not have judgment or expectation of my students.
Every trip every training every journey is a profound learning experience – I am blessed to keep learning and sharing the YogaFit love.

Beth Shaw