Beth Shaw
Today allow acceptance to replace judgment
— Beth Shaw, Founder of YogaFit

Meet Beth: 

Beth Shaw, author, visionary and entrepreneur is the founder and President of YogaFit  Inc.,the largest yoga fitness educational school in the world. One of the utmost leading experts in “mind, body and fitness,” is recognized as an industry pioneer drawing from years of experience and expertise in nutrition, exercise, yoga and holistic healing. Her company YogaFit is a multi million dollar enterprise that spans 6 continents and gives back through an extensive Karma Yoga Program. For over 20 years, Shaw has committed to helping others achieve a heightened mind-body health through the creation and growth of YogaFit.

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From The Mat and Beyond

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Follow Beth on her journey to Saudi Arabia

Thanks to  YogaFit, I have been fortunate enough to travel and teach on six continents and countless countries. These travels have enabled me to watch the practice of yoga unite people from all faiths, cultures, persuasions, and ideologies. I have been honored to witness students crying after practice, even when they did not understand the words that I shared—yoga truly reaches beyond all barriers. I now have the privilege of traveling to Saudi Arabia to teach YogaFit, and cannot wait to share my journey with you. 


  Books by Beth

Beth Shaw has authored and published multiple manuscripts including YogaFit, YogaLean and YogaFit for Athletes.